Build your own Free TARDIS, remember  you don’t need to be a donator to get a free TARDIS

you can make:
COAL BLOCK – “steampunk” TARDIS interior
LAPIS BLOCK – “Tom Baker” TARDIS interior
BOOKSHELF – “wood plank” TARDIS interior
REDSTONE BLOCK – “redstone” TARDIS interior

and you can Grow the rooms free:

donators get a few more rooms and 4 more tardis interiors, but you can manually build them.
these are donator ones:
IRON BLOCK – default “budget” TARDIS interior
GOLD BLOCK – “bigger” TARDIS interior
DIAMOND BLOCK – “deluxe” TARDIS interior
EMERALD BLOCK – “eleventh doctor’s” TARDIS interior
OBSIDIAN BLOCK – “custom” (server created) TARDIS interior
and all rooms. Donator packages are priced reasonably; the highest is 25$.

join us now @


  • Why can’t everyone have all the rooms? It’s not fun to play if you only gets 4 rooms (btw only one is a proper room (greenhouse)) Can pleace everyone have all the rooms, that would make the whole experience of the server much more fun.

    I do like the server very much, because I love DW. It’s just a little suggestion. After all, there aren’t many player on the servers all the time(what I’ve seen), so it’s just feels wrong that you have to donate to a couple of rooms.


    Hugo aka TmwanhJune 19, 2015
    • I understand where your coming from but tardis rooms are one of the only things we sell to donators. I would love to run a server without donators but they are what keeps the server online. Maybe in the future I will add 2-3 more rooms to redstone.

      Macdja38June 19, 2015
    • Well, is there another way to get money for the server?

      OrangeCreeper217July 1, 2015
  • Maybe add the bedroom or kitchen or both

    Zombyboi117September 23, 2015
  • Also I had asked the plugin maker make a mod out of the plugin

    Zombyboi117September 23, 2015
  • hi i would like to join in

    imscaryyyOctober 17, 2015
  • When i started my tardis around rank 1-2, i did not have access to the greenhouse or the rederer. i am now rank 5 and still dont have the rederer.

    MuscleCat100March 14, 2016

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