For players:
1. Do not do things that are not good.
2. Keep languages pg13 please.
3. Greifing is allowed, tardises excluded.
4. Comply with staff.
5. Respect all players and staff.
6. No asking for rank.
7. Absolutely no camping at spawn or bases (you can raid a base and kill people if they try and stop you).
8. 30minute raid limit unless you claim the land.
9. Absolutely no advertising other server’s ips, domains or discussing other servers.
10. Do not spam chat.
11. Do not set a faction home in a tardis.
12. Report infractions of these rules on the forums when possible. Please include evidence such as videos and screenshots. If your GPU supports nvidia shadow-play leaving it on may be a good idea.

Mod rules:
1. Do not use staff powers to gain an edge over other players in any way.
2. Do not share the result of a log-block or prism query or use it to your own benefit.
3. Do not record coordinates or set homes in player’s bases for future raids while acting as a mod.
4. Please use the Discord’s mod log to record any actions taken.

Please report infractions of these rules on the forums. If possible use screen capture software like NVidia shadow-play or fraps to capture player’s breaking rules. These will aid you in the prosecution of you case.


  • Is using a glitch to break bedrock on the top layer of the nether legal?

    LincolnsMineFebruary 21, 2017
  • I just Use the TArdis LMAO

    _xX_GATT_Xx_June 8, 2017
  • pouvez-vous s’il vous plaĆ®t mettre garder invantory sur

    lkMarch 3, 2018
  • can you put keep inventory on please

    TLVictoriusMarch 3, 2018
    • Sorry no, maybe in the tarsus world at some point

      Macdja38March 5, 2018

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