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Join pvpcraft and create a free tardis with eccentricnz’s tardis plugin. Its the best way to experience the ups and downs of being the doctor first hand.

or simply

Join us in a Doctor who themed free tardis roll play server where you can act out your dreams to be the doctor in the blue police box of your desire. Explore the universe with new friends and foes.
We strive to be the fairest and most reliable mine craft server around.
We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The rules are simple.

1) Don’t do things that are not good.
2) Don’t grief people’s tardises
3) Try and keep it pg13
3) Have fun.
4) Don’t use cheats (falls under rule 1 but must be restated)

Hope to see you soon!


  • Its me XVirusBoy!

    XVirusBoySeptember 9, 2014
  • hello im purple

    Purplefire17October 5, 2014
  • Hi?

    Ra9595October 6, 2014
  • Hi

    edchamp12October 11, 2014
  • Can we get the regeneration plugin please

    edchamp12October 11, 2014
  • How do I log into the site o-o

    CraftMaster251October 12, 2014
  • Its Premium?

    JoshuaDurakoJanuary 2, 2015
    • The server is an online server yes. If you mean you need to donate to join or make a tardis then it is not.

      Macdja38January 2, 2015
  • Its me, xNinjaTimeLordx and also alexamillion101! I didn’t even know this server had a website until today. XD

    xNinjaTimelordxMarch 31, 2015
  • Hello Its Code
    If Im On The Server
    PLz Talk To Me If
    You Have Any

    I Have Been A Dev Of The TArdis Plugin

    And Bye.

    TheCodeRexJuly 22, 2015
  • :}

    aidan383September 17, 2015
  • jake breckin25 northukbaby and northuk and hacks like xray

    declan25October 27, 2015
  • Epic Server!

    PaperNinjaGamingFebruary 12, 2016
  • how do I make tardis

    The DoctorFebruary 19, 2016
  • It is bad

    The DoctorFebruary 19, 2016
  • yo guys

    DetaildCoastJuly 2, 2016
  • please tell me how to get on im new

    eveSeptember 11, 2016
  • anyone

    eveSeptember 11, 2016
  • tell me!!!!1

    eveSeptember 11, 2016
  • come on

    eveSeptember 11, 2016
  • Hello I sm here wondering how do I make a tarsus do I go out and build it or do i find the blocks for the tardis

    Mr Robo RubiksDecember 12, 2016
  • I cannot use 1.11.2 or anything above 1.9.4 please make the server compatible with 1.9.4

    PortalKnifeFebruary 4, 2017
    • I’m sorry but that’s just not feasible.

      Macdja38February 6, 2017
  • i like to join!

    slimegirl_09March 12, 2017

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