PvPCraft Bot

Hi, look here, this is the important part! This page has been moved to bot.pvpcraft.ca

If you don’t have pvpcraft already invite him here.

PvPCraft will not do much by default. He does a ton of thing’s and their’s a very low chance you would want both warframe, pokemon, music and everything else active. In order to enable a command in your entire server type
/perms set allow <node>
With <node> being the permission node of the command you want to enable. Permissions node’s for each command are specified in the last column of the table that contain’s the command.

If you want to allow multiple node’s at a time you may use the wildcard *. For example to allow /play you would give music.play, for
/init you would give music.init. To allow all music commands you would give music.*.

If instead of giving everyone the node everywhere you want to lock it down to a specific channel add a space, then
--channel #channelname to your permissions command, to lock it to a user or group add --user
or --group <groupname> respectively.

Remember while running commands to get your white space right, and when specifying things replace the entire <node> instead of just

  • extreamly configurable permissions
  • lot’s of modules
  • Music!
  • warframe stuff
  • and Much much more

Prefix is configurable but by default /, // and !!

If you need any help join our discord and mention @```macdja38 or @Owner in #suppport-help

user command to configure prefix is coming soon. old commands run using !! may be maintained for a short period.

Current TODO:

  • implement automatic testing.
  • make message edit threshold configurable.
  • autoupdate sorties.json, languages.json and paths.json from a github repo.

If any of these things sound like something you would like to help with feel free to submit a pr at https://github.com/macdja38/pvpcraft


Things in <> are manditory. Things in [] are optional. | separates different options. DO NOT include these
in your commands.

optional things include --channel <channel> if this is discluded it will default to all channels.

Permissions command

The permission’s commands don’t have node’s as you could use them to give yourself better nodes if they worked that way.

At the moment they will simply use manage roles permission.

–channel will only really work on a text channel, and permissinos are about where you run the command.

* represents a wildcard. eg warframe.* mean’s all warframe commands.

command description
perms set <allow|deny|remove> <node> [--channel #general|general] [--user @mention|name]
[--role @Admin|Admin]
set a permission
perms list lists permissions
perms check (not implemeted yet) checks a specific user for a permission

Warframe module

command description permission node
deal get’s darvo’s daily deals warframe.deal
trader get’s the current voidtrader info warframe.trader
trial get’s link’s to the current trial statistics warframe.trial
wiki <item name> searches the wiki for an item warframe.wiki
sortie get’s the current sortie warframe.sortie
farm get’s a random farming guide warframe.farm
damage get’s Telkhines damage table warframe.damage
primeaccess get’s the prime access info warframe.access
update get’s the current update and/or hotfix warframe.update
armor does some armor calculations warframe.armor
alert[s] get’s the current alerts warframe.alert
alert[s] enable --channel <channel> Enable alert tracking admin.warframe.alerts
alert[s] add <item> Adds an item to the items that are being tracked admin.warframe.alerts
alert[s] remove <item> Removes an item from the items that are being tracked admin.warframe.alerts
alert[s] join <item> Allows a user to get notifications when an item comes up warframe.alerts.join
alert[s] leave <item> Stops notifying a user about when an item comes up warframe.alerts.leave
alert[s] list Lists all the items users join or/and leave warframe.alerts.list
alert[s] enable --channel <channel> Enable alert tracking warframe.alert

Bot will reply to soon with Soon:tm:

Moderation module

See feeds module on new site for more info on moderation log (link at top of page).

command description permission node
purge <count> [–user @mention|username] purges messages, if specified it purges messages from one user moderation.tools.purge

Ranks module

This module allows you to designate ranks as user assignable in a highly configurable fashion.

command description permission node
rank add <simple name> --role <actual name or mention> add’s a rank to the user assignable list admin.rank.add
rank remove <simple name> remove’s a rank to the user assignable list admin.rank.remove
rank join <simple name> allows a user to join a role rank.join.use && rank.join.<simple name>
rank leave <simple name> allows a user to leave a role rank.leave.use && rank.leave.<simple name>
rank list lists all the rank’s, highligthed based on if the user can join them. rank.list

Minecraft module – beta

This module has a few miscelanious minecraft commands

command description permission node
mcping pings a minecraft server, get’s version, players and ping minecraft.mcping
mcskin <username> get’s a 3d image of a player’s skin. minecraft.mcskin
mcavatar <username> get’s a players avatar, adding -b at the end will fetch it without the hat part minecraft.mcavatar

Utilities module

command description permission node
serverinfo grab’s some info about the server utils.serverinfo
userinfo grab some info about a specific user utils.userinfo
ping tests the bot’s ping to discord. utils.ping

CleverBot module

this module comes enabled by default and does not have any commands.

to disable it deny the node cleverbot.misc

to use it simply mention pvpcraft in any sentance.

Discord Music Bot module

Discord Music module is now here. By default no-one has permissions to use it. To enable it run

/perms set allow music.* --group <group> --channel <channel>

with <group> and <channel> replaced with either a group or channel mention/name respectively. You can
also leave out –group <group> or the channel option to allow everyone to use all music commands or music
commands to be used everywhere but this is not recomended as it’s a bit spammy.

command description permission node
init binds Music bot to the users voice and text channel. music.init
play <youtube video, words or a playlist> adds that song to the queue music.play
list lists all the song’s in the playlist music.list
skip [index] votes to skips the song at index in queue or the current song music.voteskip
skip [index] -f force skips the song at index in queue or the current song music.forceskip
pause Pauses music playback. music.pause
resume Resumes playback of music. music.resume
shuffle shuffles all the song’s in the playlist music.shuffle
time get’s the current playback time music.time
destroy unbinds from the voice and text channel music.destroy
volume change the bot’s volume between 1 and 100 music.volume


What bot would be complete without a pokedex?

command description permission node
pokemon <pokemon> searches for a pokemon pokemon.pokemon
shiny <pokemon> searches for a shiny pokemon.shiny
pokestat <pokemon> get’s a pokemon’s stats pokemon.pokestat
hiddenability <pokemon> fetches a pokemon’s hidden ability pokemon.hiddenability